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Alumni Registration Certificate
Alumni Association of our college has been established in 1994. It is registered and functional. Its registration number is Kolhapur/ 0000298/ 2019. It has been contributing significantly to the development of the college through financial and non-financial means. A good number of alumni have been giving their services in public and private sectors in different parts of India. However, they have not detached themselves from the college. They are intimately connected with it and interact with the faculties. They attend the Alumni meets organized by the college and actively participate in deliberations regarding future progress of our institution. They also give their objective feedback on the performance of the college. Our Alumni association always supports all our academic and administrative activities Name of Member Post
1 Shri Sarjerao Bandu Patil Chairman
2 Shri. Nitin Shahshikant Kothawale Vice-Chairman
3 Shri. Amey Shekhar Bhingarde Secretary
4 Shri. Uttam Balwant Patil Treasurer
5 Shri. Shivaji Tukaram Patil Member
6 Shri. Bharat Rau Patil Member
7 Shri. Sanjay Shripati Patil Member
8 Shri. Prakash Yashwant Khot Member
9 Shri. Bharat Yashwant Patil Member Details Link
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2 Meeting 2015-16 View
3 Meeting 2016-17 View
4 Meeting 2017-18 View
5 Meeting 2018-19 View Meeting Link
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